The most ideal location for ultimate enjoyment

The luxurious spaces of Tinos Aqua Palazzo are conveniently located within the quietest part of the Chora of Tinos. We are a brisk 5 minute walk from the inner small port and a 15 minute walk from the outer main port. The Church of Panagia Megalochari, our island’s impressive attraction is within a distance of a 10 minute walk.

Exploring the variety of shops located in the market of Chora is definitely a thing to do while on Tinos and it is located only a few meters away. The island’s Health Center is also very close by for those who enjoy having peace of mind while on holiday in case the need should arise.

The most beautiful and largest sandy beach of all Tinos, with the distinction of the cleanest beach of the island (blue flag from the EU) which is fully organized for sea sports for all ages especially children, Agios Fokas-Agali, is only 150 meters from our complex.

Riga Fereou & Louka Douka, Tinos Town, 84200, Greece

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Things to do in Tinos


Contact with nature, farming, local gastronomy, fresh air, simplicity, warm hospitality are just some of the benefits of this alternative version of tourism that brings travellers closer to earth and her people.

Exploring nature and mountain hiking

For naturalists and nature enthusiasts, the island offers a unique opportunity to hike and climb the Kechrovouni mountain. The mountain is home to Exomvourgo castle, which attracts those who are willing to test their strength and wish to get an adrenaline rush by attempting to tame the mountain’s steep slopes.

Horse riding

For those who love nature and want to explore it with a special way they can do it with the tourist riding, on a horse. It is an experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, providing images that will be unforgettable. A specialized center operates at the island.

Mountain biking

Tinos offers many trails and paths for the fans of mountain bike. A different way for someone to explore the island and to be close to nature.

Magical diving and watersport excitement

For people who love watersports, there are amazing diving spots to explore by snorkeling into the deep waters or for those like being near the surface there is a variety of watersports to enjoy (windsurfing, canoeing, or tubes) fishing and sailing.

Recreational boating and sailing

By boat, inflatable boat or jet ski one can easily explore all the secluded beaches the island has to offer or reach some of the near by islands.

Off road adventures

For the off road enthusiasts interested in 4x4 routes, there are routes that offer climbing and down-hill adventures to test your skills and your vehicle. (Exomvourgo, Volax)

Marble carving

Tinos is an island with a long tradition in marble carving and marble, having showed major craftsmen over the years. It is worth to pay a visit at the Museum of Marble Crafts in the village of Tinos, named Pyrgos, where the history of the art of marble is setting out and at one of the many workshops of young artists to admire their creations.


For fans of art and cultural learning, the municipality of Tinos in cooperation with the Association "The Friends of Tinos', organizes every year a great festival with a variety of art exhibitions, theatrical performances and musical concerts.